How to adrertise?

Search Engine Optimization ( ang. Search engine optimization - SEO, also called positioning) - processes to achieve through the website as the top position in the organic results search engines for selected keywords and key phrases. The positioning is part of the wider internet marketing . Positioning is based on the known components of the algorithm of search engines, continuous exploration of new algorithms that take into account when rangowaniu hand and reviewing existing ones.

The industry is dominated by Polish nomenclature to distinguish between positioning (ang. Off-page) and the optimization of pages (called. On-page), but often these terms may be used interchangeably. The first of the terms refers to activities outside the target site (eg. Link building ), and optimization in this context means the activities carried out directly on the website (which influences the structure, content and structure).

A special role in the process of search engine optimization, social media plays such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, which are usually integrated with that website.